2014 Local Reflections Program Winners

Posted on December 8, 2014, in Lancer Life

This year’s James W. Parker Middle School PTSA Reflections Program had 19 entries.¬†All 1st – 5th place entries will advance to the Regional Level of competition.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2014 REFLECTIONS Program!

Award winners in each category (on the local level) are listed here:

Katie Johnson – 1st Place
Danielle Mitchell – 2nd Place
Alayna Smith – 3rd Place
Olivia Shay – 4th Place
Isabella Shay – 5th Place

Olivia Sutton – 1st Place
Charlotte Brower – 2nd & 3rd Place
Isabella Shay – 4th Place
Lucas Leasure – 5th Place

Danielle Mitchell – 1st Place

Danielle Mitchell – 1st Place
Ellen Eisert – 2nd Place
Mara Kallay – 3rd Place

HONORABLE MENTION in the VISUAL ARTS category went to Charolette Brower, Madyson Reinwald and Olivia Shay.
HONORABLE MENTION in the PHOTO category went to Lucas Leasure.