Retirees have 180+ combined years in District

Posted on July 29, 2017, in Academics, Events

General McLane’s “Class of 2017” retirees have 182.6 years of combined experience serving our community’s youth.

Retiring at the end of this school year were:

• Martha Benoit
• Miriam Dilmore
• Robert Ellwood
• Michael Kozuchowsky
• Stephen Macfarlane
• Donald McGahen
• Mary Weismiller

About the retirees:

Martha Benoit has served a 35-year teacher at James W. Parker Middle School. She taught fifth grade math and science for 28 years before transferring into a sixth grade position with an emphasis on social studies. Before being hired full-time in 1983, Mrs. Benoit served as a long-term substitute teacher within the District.

Miriam Dilmore finished her 28-year career as a second grade elementary teacher at Edinboro Elementary School. Mrs. Dilmore was first hired as a fourth-grade teacher at McKean Elementary School and then taught third grade at both Edinboro and McKean Elementary Schools. Prior to coming to General McLane School District, Mrs. Dilmore worked as a teacher in New Hampshire, where she was one of the nominees for the 1992 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.

Robert Ellwood has served as on of the first faces our students see each day, working eight years in the District as a bus driver. Prior to coming to General McLane, Mr. Ellwood performed a variety of maintenance and carpentry work for the Department of Corrections, Edinboro University and V.A. Hospital.

Michael Kozuchowsky spent his entire career teaching Technology Education at General McLane High School. He came here 37 years ago and quickly served our students as the high school Photography Club advisor. Mr. Kozuchowsky also served the District as a temporary painter and maintenance worker and taught courses for the Area Vocational Technical School Adult Program for a number of years.

Stephen Macfarlane has served as a James W. Parker Middle School teacher within the District for 25 years. He taught seventh and sixth grade science, as well as sixth grade history when he was initially hired in 1992. He became a full-time sixth grade teacher, with an emphasis on science, in 2005. Through his teaching, he brought in a Biotechnological initiative to our students, exposing them opportunities to learn DNA fingerprinting, DNA extraction and electrophoresis technologies.

Donald McGahen has served as a longtime custodian for our district, working here nearly 40 years. As a custodian at James W. Parker Middle School since 1980, McGahen has been a vital part of the Parker family – from dying his hair purple for Relay for Life to volunteering his time in the Gillette Memorial Garden, which was created in 1998 in memory of John Gillette.

Mary Weismiller started working in the District 16 years ago. She began in the High School cafeteria and then worked as a clerical aide, office secretary and most recently, an Administrative Assistant at James W. Parker Middle School. Her work as Administrative Assistant in recent years has been a key to the successful day-to-day operation of the middle school.

Thank you to all of this year’s retirees and congratulations on your retirements!