Academy Brings in Speakers from LECOM and LORD

Posted on November 19, 2014, in Academics



LECOM’s Assistant Dean for Clinical Education Dr. Regan Shabloski and Lord Corporation’s Manager of Aerospace Technical Support Paul Snyder were today’s guest speakers for students in the General McLane High School’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering Program. Dr. Shabloski spoke to students about career opportunities specifically involved with thoracic trauma, and Snyder spoke to students about opportunities and careers in in aerospace engineering.

General McLane’s Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering was created to prepare students for careers in medicine and engineering. Through partnerships with local businesses, hospitals and universities, the curricula will be enriched with hands-on activities designed to provide students with quality, live-learning experiences.

The Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering initiated a planning phase in 2011-2012 as a result of a district strategic planning goal to enhance STEM education.

Academy activities include monthly guest speakers and problem-solving activities, field trips to partner facilities and universities, job shadows in the junior and senior years, and an extended forty-hour volunteer experience between junior and senior year.