Because You Care visits McKean Elementary

Posted on April 28, 2017, in Events, Lancer Life

Some furry friends from Because You Care visited McKean Elementary’s second graders yesterday.

The shelter volunteers spoke to students about dog safety and the animals at the shelter. Students were able to feed the dogs treats and learned about how to approach, pet and feed a dog in a safe way for both the owner and the pet. Students had the opportunity to interact with the dogs, including Billy Ray, the white and brown dog, is up for adoption.

Ms. Marnik’s second grade class won this visit by bringing in the most pennies during the Penny War fundraiser.

With a Penny War, each class earned 1 point for every penny that is brought in. But students were able to sabotage other teams by putting in “silver” coins (nickels, dimes, quarters) and dollar bills into the containers belonging to other classrooms.

Each silver coin subtracted points from that container by the value of the coin. For example, a nickel added to a classroom container would subtract 5 points from the total, a dime would subtract 10 points, and a quarter would subtract 25 points – and a dollar bill added to a container would subtract 100 points!

McKean Elementary raised $1,300 during this fundraiser, which took place during March 21-31.  All money went to Because You Care animal shelter in McKean for vet and other animal expenses.