Coffee Cart Thursdays at General McLane High School

Posted on March 19, 2015, in Academics, Events


Thanks to the Coffee Cart Crew, everyone is starting to look forward to Thursdays at General McLane High School.

Every Thursday, students in the high school’s Life Skills and Autistic Support program run the coffee cart, which was an idea that Mr. Mennow, Erin Bentley, and Nicole McFadden discussed last year. Faculty and staff can purchase a variety of items, including muffins, coffee, water, fruit and juice. The Coffee Cart program involves a cart crew, a prep crew and clean up crew.

“It runs along the same concept of students learning different jobs and practice serving paying customers,” said Life Skills teacher Laura Nientimp. “We have a lot of success in our first few weeks and look forward to more to come.”

The class also runs Lancer Bob’s, a classroom restaurant that helps students learn different jobs they could have in the service industry. Next week, they will re-open the restaurant with a new menu.