Conceptual Learning

Posted on October 3, 2012, in Academics, Lancer Life

Sixth graders at James W. Parker Middle School are putting the standard math formulas to real-life examples. During a STEM lab Friday, students learned how to make simple motor improvements by measuring three different size wheels by revolutions and recording that data in a responder that records proficiency levels, estimating the distance the car would travel with that size wheel and then testing those estimates. Instead of giving the students a rectangle and asking for the height, instructor Chris Triola is implementing conceptual learning by applying the math formulas to real world examples. The results?

“The kids responded well to the lab, they seemed to grasp the concept of circle in a more applicative fashion. ¬†They did an awesome job of data collection,” Triola said.

Tomorrow, the students begin testing the basic strength of the designed car. Friday, the students will test the car’s ability to climb. The class goal is to create a motor that will run an entire amusement park.