Details on the January 26 Middle School Closing

Posted on January 27, 2017, in Events

Here’s all you need to know about yesterday’s closing at James W. Parker Middle School.

Our electrician Tom McGlynn reported to work in the early morning to learn that the middle school was without power and heat. (Fun Fact: Tom comes to work around 3 a.m. every day!)

Although only the middle school was without heat/power, we issued a delay for the entire District because our transportation system is so interconnected. This allowed time for Penelec to assess the cause of the problem.

So what happened? An underground cable that runs from a telephone pole on Rt. 99 to an underground junction that connects to the main line feeding the middle school, failed from age and needed to be replaced. It happened to be a very unique cable that runs north/south under the high school south driveway – which is why you may have seen Penelec trucks busy at work throughout the entire day yesterday!

An Emergency Alert, as well as a posting on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, went out three different times throughout the day to keep our District informed of the delays / closing / re-opening.

Will JWPMS have to make up the day? The District has applied to Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to have the day for JWPMS forgiven since only part of the District was involved. We are waiting to hear back from PDE on our request and will inform everyone as soon as we know.

It took a lot of teamwork and collaboration yesterday to get things back to normal today, so kudos to all who were involved – including, Penelec, McGlynn, and Director of Finance and Operations William Fendya, Director of Food Services Nicole Keller and her staff who unloaded the three coolers at the middle school into a rented refrigerated truck to prevent food from spoiling! We also are grateful to our technology department which had to reset many devices to get our internet back up and running.