Edinboro Elementary Students Create “Buddy Bench”

Posted on May 12, 2014, in Activities


Four third graders at Edinboro Elementary School have joined in on a national trend to prevent loneliness during recess.

Students Abby Walker, Bailey Cannon, Chloe Kiser and Katelynne Langer decided to create and install a Buddy Bench at Edinboro Elementary in order to designate a place for students to meet up and find a friend.

“The Buddy Bench is a decorated bench that comes with the responsibility of making other people’s day by playing with them. We tried the idea with some kids, and we loved the smile on their faces,” the girls said.

The Buddy Bench is a bench that has been decorated and placed outside near the blacktop area. The purpose of the bench is to promote inclusion and make everyone feel welcome and accepted. The bench serves as a place where students who may not have someone to play with or who are feeling lonely can go and have a seat.  Any student who notices that there is someone sitting on the bench can then go over and invite that student to play or talk. After seeing this story in the world news, Walker shared the idea with the other girls and they decided this could be utilized at Edinboro Elementary.

“The girls who spear-headed this project are not only caring and compassionate, but exemplify the Lancer Spirit,” says Edinboro Elementary teacher Heidi Kalicky. “They have demonstrated that they are caring, responsible, respectful, and most of all fun to be with.”

Kalicky, along with Lacey Peirce, Rolee Luciano, Christina Martin and Randy White were the Edinboro Elementary faculty that helped facilitate this project.

This bench has been done at other towns across the nation. Second-grader Christian Bucks, of York, Pa., spurred the trend in December after seeing it in Germany. In addition, St. Catharine’s Primary School in Chipping Campden, England, installed its very own buddy bench to facilitate playground friendship, according to area news outlet Cotswold Journal.