Elementary Artists in Action

Posted on September 28, 2016, in Academics, Lancer Life

General McLane is committed to empowering students through the arts — and the elementary level is no exception!

Our teachers are constantly coming up with new and creative art projects that help General McLane students develop their creativity, decision making, confidence, visual learning, perseverance and collaboration.

Edinboro Elementary fourth graders, for example, recently studied American artist Winslow Homer and the Tall Ships that recently visited Erie, PA. Students then created their own Tall Ship. This artwork will be used for a school-wide fundraiser through Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that will allow parents and friends to purchase high quality products through students’ artworks. Every grade will do a project for this fundraiser.







First graders connected the children’s story Camille and the Sunflowers, a story about famous artist Vincent van Gogh and a little boy who cared for him even though he was different, to the artwork of van Gogh. Students then created their own sunflower paintings.





For more photos, visit our Featured Photos Page.

Be sure to check back frequently for more art projects from our students. Great job students!