Elementary Students ‘Skype’ with Marine

Posted on April 22, 2015, in Lancer Life


McKean Elementary students had an opportunity for a one of kind lesson on attentive listening.

Mrs. Weber’s second grade class connected with Corporal Daniel Davis of the United States Marine Corp, who is stationed in Japan, through the telecommunications application software product Skype.

Students gathered information to ask questions and then listened to his responses. To prepare, students worked in partners to develop questions and then engaged in a class discussion to analyze how those questions could be expanded upon to prompt more than a one word response from Corporal Davis. Some of the questions the students asked included, “Why did you choose the military as a job?” “How many badges do you have? What are they for?” “Where have you been stationed” “What was your promotion like?”

Students also shared some of their own personal experiences. One student even shared his grandfather’s pins and metals with Corporal Davis. McKean Elementary’s Challenge students were also invited to share their Support the Troops fundraiser.

The interview lasted an half hour. At the very end of the interview, prior to saying goodbye to Corporal Davis, the students stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance. During this, Corporal Davis stood, and the students were fascinated to see how quickly and how straight he stood. Following the Skype interview, the students gathered to discuss and share what was learned. Students were then given a writing assignment to summarize their thoughts about information learned.

This project was coordinated through the help of Edinboro University field student Kylee Bennett.

“This lesson was a success as the students were each able to explain what they had learned throughout the lesson,” Bennett said. “Through an exciting opportunity for the students to interact with a marine, the lesson objectives of building speaking, listening and writing skills were met, and in some cases, met and surpassed.”