Erie WWII vet speaks to HS students

Posted on June 6, 2017, in Academics, Lancer Life

General McLane High School students had the opportunity to hear about WWII, its battles and its strategies outside of the facts and numbers that they read in textbooks. An Erie WWII veteran spoke with General McLane High School students yesterday in the auditorium.

Pvt. Joseph Morettini was part of the 82nd Airborne and fought in Normandy, Battle of Ardenne Forest, Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Central Europe. He was shot twice during his two-year campaign. Morettini, who is 92 years old and is one of two surviving members left from the 507th, was recently honored during the 100th anniversary commemoration of U.S. 82nd Airborne.

High school students in Mr. Stauffer’s U.S. History II class, as well as Mr. Vath, Mr. Treusch, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Wible, and Mr. Hager classes attended the event. The event was coordinated through Mr. John Malone and Mr. Stauffer.