ESL Students Add International Theme to Reading Day

Posted on March 6, 2013, in Academics

General McLane High School’s ESL students added an international theme last Friday to the annual Read Across America Day. Students Emmanuel Otika, from Sudan (Africa) and Yana Zablotska, from Ukraine, performed for Mrs. Dilmore’s 2nd grade class and were also guest readers at the Edinboro Elementary library.

Emmanuel and Yana performed the poem Hate My Hat to celebrate the Cat in the Hat’s hat and read three other books to the class. Washing Clean, a famous Ukrainian children’s tale about a dirty boy who won’t take a bath, was read in Russian and explained in English by Yana. Washing Clean author  Korny Chukovsky is a famous Russian children’s writer, who is compared to our Dr. Seuss of America.  According to ESL teacher Mary Murosky, many adults recite their favorite Chukovsky stories by heart, just as we do to our most memorable Dr. Seuss books.
Emmanuel and Yana also read The Spider Weaver: The Legend of the Kente Cloth, an African folktale that originated in the country of Ghana, and Christmas Spider’s Miracle, a Ukrainian holiday story about the universality of mothers and their love for their children.
Mrs. Dilmore’s students also participated in some hands-on activities that coincided with the books, as well as participated in an open discussion with Emmanuel and Yana about Africa and Ukraine.