Family Tea Time at Edinboro Elementary

Posted on May 23, 2013, in Academics, Events, Lancer Life

Mrs. Palmer’s First Grade Class held Family Team Time Wednesday morning. Family members were invited to their program that was made to recognize, honor and appreciate their family and friends.

The program included Mrs. Palmer’s class own rendition of “The Three Bears”, a poem that celebrates family, a poem that respects differences in families and the students reading their opinion pieces about why their family is the best. They also sang and performed “I Can Sing and Sign a Rainbow” in sign language.

Performers included: logan Anderson, Emily Angelo, Ellah Beachly, Jackson Dailey, Isaiah Estrada, Baylee Ferry, Aniah Filson, Morgan Frick, Jordan Henderson, Lilianna Keefer, Ethan Kreider, Olivia Kulyk, Ryan McLaughlin, Sarah Odell, Malina Santucci, Sara Schrubb, James Sherman, Avenee Sweet, Tyler Tirpak and Jada Wienecke.

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