From Christine to Nancy: Graham prepares to take the stage for Oliver!

Posted on November 16, 2016, in Lancer Life, Performing Arts


General McLane High School’s Olivia Graham will be playing Nancy in the classic Dicken’s novel Oliver!, which is coming to General McLane High School this Thursday. Tickets are on sale for this musical, which will be staged at General McLane High School from November 17-20, 2016.

Graham is a member of the General McLane Student Council, Link Crew, National Honors Society and Vocal Jazz. She also is involved in pole vaulting.

After high school, Graham plans to get her master’s degree in Speech Pathology.

We had a chance to catch up with her before this weekend’s play.

What is your favorite scene in this musical?

I love the “Oom-pah-pah” into “As long as he needs me” sequence. The juxtaposition of the fun group piece into the heartbreaking, intimate solo is just amazing and really toys with the emotions.

What are you most excited for the audience to see and hear in this musical and why?

I can’t wait for everyone to see the amount of hard work and effort that has gone into this show. Not only from us as the cast but the set, the costumes, the direction. Everyone has given so much for this show and I think that will really speak for itself come performance time.

Why do you like to act?

There’s no greater feeling than pouring your soul into another character. You truly can be anyone when you’re on stage, and it is quite telling for finding who you are as well.

What’s your favorite musical/play of all time and why?

Beautiful the musical because it was the first show that I saw on broadway. The music is beautiful and I have such amazing memories from it.

If you were able to be cast for your dream job/role what would it be and why?

This is cheesy but I would absolutely love to play Christine in The Phantom of the Opera again. That role was the moment where I proved something to myself that I never could have imagined.