Future Engineers at Work

Posted on May 13, 2013, in Academics, Events, Lancer Life

The annual 12th Annual KNEX Amusement Park opened to parents last week. Students, parents, and grandparents roamed the south cafeteria of James W. Parker Middle School enjoying the many rides and attractions of this miniature theme park.  The sixth grade math students spent an entire year preparing for the park through careful application of the current mathematics standards.  This year’s park included 56 rides, a coaster cluster, a 24 foot long mega coaster, and five different water rides!  Also new to this year’s KNEX Amusement Park was the introduction of solar powered “green” rides.  These rides proved fussy and challenging for the second term STEM students, but through careful engineering and design practices the rides were a welcomed new addition to the growing park.

These young GM Engineers created some great work pieces — congrats!