Getting to know JWPMS’ Mrs. Lindenberger

Posted on September 16, 2016, in Lancer Life


Each Friday, we will feature an employee in the District so you can get to know the amazing individuals that work for General McLane School District!

This week, we are featuring James W. Parker Middle School math teacher Michelle Lindenberger, who has worked for the District for 15 years. Prior to coming to the middle school, Mrs. Lindenberger taught kindergarten for eight years at McKean and Edinboro Elementary School, two years as a sixth grade teacher and one year as a third grade teacher at McKean Elementary.

Mrs. Lindenberger has three children: Hannah (10), Danny (9), and Ryan (3) that keep her quite busy!

What is your favorite thing about your job?
Helping my students feel like they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to!

Why do you enjoy being part of the GM family?
I enjoy being a part of the GM family because it is just that, “Family”.

What is your favorite work-related memory?
One day, a student of mine had accidentally put his completed homework assignment through the washer/dryer. His solution to the shredded puzzle he had found in his pocket the next morning was to tape it back together the best he could, with what seemed like a whole roll of scotch tape and bring it to class. He was a problem solver and received full credit for his effort. This piece of work is now displayed in a frame in my classroom for all of my students to see.

Did you know ….
Mrs. Lindenberger doesn’t use umbrellas and her favorite snack in the whole wide world is Peanut M&Ms.