Getz and Celeski Compete in 26+ Mile Event

Posted on October 6, 2014, in Activities, Events


McKean Elementary’s Michael Getz and Lisa Celeski competed in the Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect this weekend.

There were 640 runners in this 26+ mile/hike and trail run event staged in Central Pennsylvania. Getz finished 53rd overall; 5th for his age division. Celeski finished 37th in her age division.

Megatransect is designed to challenge any trained or seasoned athlete with a rugged terrain course.  Since there are no man-made obstacles runners have the opportunity to see unique geologic features, such as an unrelenting boulder field of white Tuscarora sandstone. Cliffs line a scenic gorge to heights of 300 feet that sink from the Chestnut flat plateau. Trails run along miles of streams and brooks with multiple stream crossings and small waterfalls.  Competitors are subject to unrelenting climbs and down hills with total vertical gains over 5000 feet. Footing varies from soft peat to gravel to boulders as well as smooth stream stones and shallow water crossings.

This year’s event sold out in 24 hours.

What an amazing accomplishment – way to go!