Getz completes 100-mile race

Posted on October 27, 2017, in Lancer Life

McKean Elementary Principal Michael Getz has been running longer than he has been teaching. Just this month, he recently hit a new accomplishment in the running scene!

For the first time ever, he successfully completed the Oil Creek 100 mile trail race.  The race took place October 14-15 at Oil Creek State Park on the Gerard Hiking Trail in Titusville, PA.

There were 173 runners at the start of the race and Getz finished 65th with a time of 31:17 (hours:minutes).

Getz, who ran cross country and track as a student-athlete at Edinboro University, has been running for 40 years. This past June, he ran a trail marathon in Leadville, Colorado where the elevation started at 10,200′ and climbed to over 13,000′.

“While the altitude made the run very strenuous, the views of the rocky mountains were spectacular,” Getz said. “Running has given me numerous opportunities to run all over the country. I run for the sheer enjoyment of being outside, the new places I get to visit, the physical and mental challenges of each race, and the comradery of the other crazy runners I meet.”

Congratulations to Mr. Getz on a wonderful accomplishment!