GM Academy of Arts & Engineering Brings in Penn State Behrend Nursing Instructor

Posted on January 16, 2013, in Academics, Activities, Events

The General McLane Academy of Arts & Engineering Medical Program brought in guest speaker Aimee Hagerty today as part of their Year 1 Medical Program.

Hagerty addressed the students on the history of nursing (from Florence Nightingdale to the influence of the war on nursing), as well as the three levels of nursing, the three different ways to become an RN, the differences between an ADN and a BSN and the different paths and options that are available to students  who choose to take the path to nursing.

“It’s no longer just about being by the bedside. Nursing can be anything you truly want it to be,” Hagerty said.

Advising students to get their RN through a Bachelor’s Degree Program, Hagerty educated the students on the changing trends in nursing — including the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that by 2020, 80 percent of the nurses should have their Bachelor’s degree. In fact, many hospitals already require a Bachelor’s from their nurses. UPMC, for example, is hiring only nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree, according to Hagerty.

“Having a bachelor’s degree in nursing is the wave of the future because of the complexity of patients in today’s hospitals,” she said.

In 2014, Hagerty said that Penn State Behrend will be switching from their Associates Degree Program to a Bachelor’s Degree Program for nursing.

Hagerty, a MSN, RN-BC  and Lecturer in Nursing for Penn State Behrend, also works part-time at Hamot Hospital in the Vascular Access Center. The Academy of Arts & Engineering is an academic program that General McLane School District offers in order to remain one of the best schools in Erie County, PA. The next event will be March 20 from 10:45 until 11:25 as Gannon’s Melanie Hatch conducts a problem solving activity for both the Medical and Engineering programs. For more information, please contact General McLane High School Principal Dan Mennow.