GMHS Art Show Preview: Meet Emilee Fails

Posted on May 8, 2015, in Academics



Portrait by senior Emilee Fails
Emilee Fails’ portrait is one of the selected artworks in this year’s Art Show, which is scheduled for May 28 from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the High School Grand Lobby. Each week, we will feature one student-artist. 

This past fall, senior Emilee Fails rounded up some of her friends for a photo shoot. Little did she know that this photo shoot would lead to one of her favorite pictures yet.

A log rested near the water and Fails saw an opportunity.

“It was a gorgeous the way the colors all blended so I knew I wanted to get a shot. It was an accident how we got there, but I love the way it turned out,” Fails says.

Now, her portrait is one of the selected pieces for the upcoming Art Show.

Fails is an apprentice with Karen Hodas for the current semester. The opportunity to do an apprenticeship is an elective class for high school students. Fails often helps troubleshoot the students in Photoshop and also helps with class critiques in Photo 1 class. She creates displays and has been asked by other teachers to make creative signs for the prom or for other clubs or activities.

Her interest in photography is fairly new, she says. As a tenth grader, she took an elective and her interest stuck.

“I like how it’s so different from drawling and painting, but still considered art. It’s very different from traditional art, but at the same time, you can portray the same things,” says Fails.

Since then, she has worked to learn the way colors work and the rules of photography. This has been a huge help for her own photography business, where she does portraits. For more information on Emilee Fails Photography, please visit her Facebook Page.

Fails will attend Point Park University in Pittsburgh in the Fall, where she will double major in Public Relations/Advertising and Photography.

Be sure to catch Fails’ work in the upcoming GMHS Art Show!