GMHS Art Show Preview: Meet Hunter Hendricks

Posted on May 19, 2015, in Lancer Life


Hunter Hendricks’ artwork is one of those selected for this year’s Art Show, which is scheduled for May 28 from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the High School Grand Lobby. Each week, we will feature one student-artist.

Art isn’t foreign for General McLane High School junior Hunter Hendricks.

As a child, he’d often watch his grandfather sculpt and paint different pieces of artwork. His grandfather not only was an artist, but worked as an art professor for two different colleges.

“It’s been part of my whole life. I grew up watching him do his own artwork and I really enjoyed it and thought it was cool. At one point, I even wanted to be an artist for a living. I tried to mimic his techniques, but of course, I was much younger so the results didn’t turn out too well,” says Hendricks.

Back then, his grandfather’s artwork was displayed all throughout this house. Now, it’s Hendricks’ artwork that will be on display as part of the annual General McLane Art Show this month.

One of his featured pieces, “The Golden Lion Tamarin,” involves recreating a photo using Photoshop. By creating low poly graphic design work, Hendricks used Photoshop to digitally draw the artwork, one triangle at a time. It is a technique that game designers and animators use to represent 3D Graphics.

Hendricks selected one of his favorite animals in order to create something unique with a lot of color. The project took him about two days to complete.

Hendricks has enrolled in a variety of art elects each year, adding Graphic Design and Photography to his course load this year. Outside of school, the junior does some projects using color pencil and acrylic.

Hendricks is a member of both the Wrestling and Track and Field team. Although he doesn’t want to pursue the field of art after high school, he hopes to continue doing art projects and designs.

Be sure to see Hendricks’ design and more at the Annual Art Show this month!