GMHS Gets a Head Start on “You Make A Difference” Week

Posted on May 10, 2013, in Events, Lancer Life, Organizations

The Principals’ Cabinet from General McLane High School presented the “You Make A Difference” assembly Friday to the entire school. The assembly promoted the good news/positive data within the District and the “You Make a Difference Week” that starts Monday —  a week dedicated to recognizing those who make a difference and positively effect the lives of the students.

Among the data presented was the fact that GMHS students are at an all-time high in student participation and community service projects. In addition, 99% of students have never brought a weapon to school; 98% were never offered illegal drugs in school and 92% don’t gamble their money.

“Our kids, majorirty of the time, are doing the right thing — and that can’t be true about other places,” said GMHS Principal Dan Mennow.

Mr. Mennow started the Ribbon distribution by honoring GMHS teacher Michelle Ruland for making a difference in his life through her courageous fight with cancer and continuing to bring a positive attitude to work each and every day.

The students within the Principals’ Cabinet followed Mr. Mennow’s lead.

“Every single one of you make a difference, whether you know it or not,” said GMHS student Blake Schweigert.

Among those receiving the Blue Ribbons Friday were: students Shannon Regan, Emily Hughes and Elizabeth Yonko; and faculty Katie Thompson, Rob Kennerknecht, Kevin Wible, Brian Schulz and Jim “Tito” Bonito.

Next week, students will receive three ribbons each to give to those who have made a difference in their lives.