GMHS student compete during PI Day Conference

Posted on April 4, 2017, in Academics, Lancer Life

General McLane High School students attended Edinboro University’s annual PI Day and Math Conference. In addition to attending seminars, the students competed in a variety of math contests. Here are the results.

Rubik’s Cube Challenge:  First Place—Kaylin Kephart
Set Game Competition:
1st Place—Makenah Bryson
2nd Place—Jennie Jones
3rd Place—Leah Breckley
Who Wants to Be a Pi–millionaire?:
2nd Place—Sarah Woods, Nina Ng, Jon Carrier
Pi trivia:
1st Place—Nina Ng
2nd Place—Jennie Jones
3rd Place—Kaylin Kephart
Tower of Hanoi:
1st Place—Maddie Dillen, Kayle Kephart
Digits of Pi Memorized
2nd Place—Jennie Jones with 231 digits memorized  (the winner knows 1010)
24 Competition:
Honorable Mention—Derek Hecker
Cookie Competition:
Vince Spada
Congratulations to all!