GMHS Students Represent Austria in Model UN Convention

Posted on November 11, 2014, in Academics, Events


This past weekend, five GMHS students participated in the 62nd Session of The Gannon University Model United Nations Convention and represented Austria.

The students were McKenah Bryson, Emily Hughes, Jesse Nathanson, Emily Tworek, and Lily Zhen. The team’s position paper, written by Emily Hughes and Emily Tworek, received praise from Dr. Anjali Sahay, director of Gannon’s Model UN program.

The convention, which draws together some 500 students from 40 high schools in the tri-state area, was founded to promote an understanding of the complex problems of international affairs as well as the purposes and functions of the United Nations. The Model U.N. offers a challenging education in the dealings among nations.

How it works: Delegations are assigned country designations in the spring or early fall and encouraged to begin to study the issues which will be under consideration at the forthcoming assembly. As much as possible, the students are to learn the viewpoint of the government they are assigned to represent and are to attempt to speak and vote according to the interests of that country.

During the fall the member delegations meet in regional blocs, corresponding to geographic and ideological groupings within the United Nations itself, to begin to debate the issues and to formulate strategies for the General Assembly.