GMSD: Our Exceptional Drivers

Posted on August 20, 2014, in Lancer Life, Organizations


As students prepare for back-to-school, General McLane School District drivers are preparing to kick off the year.

Luckily, the General McLane School District is privileged to have an exceptional group of people on staff to transport students. From retirees in government and industry to small business owners to farmers and GM alumni to parents of GM students, the GM drivers are a diversified group with many on second or third careers. General McLane even is proud to have several veterans who have served our country and now proudly serve our District.

The drivers of our school district know your children. If your child has had a bad day at school, the driver may be the first person to offer comfort in the form of a pleasant greeting and genuine gladness to see them. If they’ve had a great day, the driver may be the person that high fives them and shares in their joy.

As the school year starts, please take a moment and consider what they do. Each day, they ensure that children arrive at school and return home safely no matter what the weather conditions may be. It’s a monumental task. Next time you see them, please wave at them to show your support.