Introducing McKean’s Mrs. Iaquinta!

Posted on August 24, 2017, in Academics

General McLane School District welcomes twelve new teachers and ten new employees to the District this year. Throughout the week, we will be introducing many of them!

Mrs. Ami Iaquinta will be an Autistic Support teacher at McKean Elementary School. Iaquinta has worked with students with special needs at Central Tech for 13 years. Iaquinta is very involved with the Special Olympics program and is a Handle with Care instructor. Prior to working for Erie’s Public Schools, Iaquinta worked with the Sara Reed Center. She graduated with her Bachelor’s from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned her Master’s in Special Education from Edinboro University.

Mrs. Iaquinta is the mother of two McKean Elementary students.  She and her family are a very active and love the outdoors. They enjoy spending time swimming, hiking and camping.
“I am very excited to be apart of such a wonderful program,” Iaquinta said. “I have had such a positive experience as a mother of McKean students.  I just can not wait to give back to other families as the teachers have given back to my own children.”

General McLane welcomes Mrs. Iaquinta to the District!

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