JWPMS Raises Money for Relay for Life Through Water Wars

Posted on May 19, 2014, in Lancer Life



James W. Parker Middle School’s 8th grade Advisors will participate in Relay for Life this year. To raise money, the school held a Water Wars Fundraiser based on Jimmy Fallon’s famous Water War game.

The Middle School had 30 teachers volunteer to have their names entered for the Water Wars game. Each teacher had a jar with their picture and name displayed in the front lobby. Students were then encouraged to bring in money throughout the week and place it in the jar of the teacher(s) they wanted to see participate in Water Wars Game, which took place at the end of the week on Friday.

Jimmy Fallon’s Water Wars is similar to the traditional card game War, with one exception: the loser with the lowest card in each round is doused with a cup of water. Within the JWPMS fundraiser, the teachers each had three cups of water. Whoever used all their cups on the other person first wins — and got to blast the loser with a super soaker. At the end of this fundraiser, one teacher had the chance to soak the other seven.

The top eight teachers with the most money were selected to participate in Friday’s assembly, when the Water War actually took place. Students gathered in the bleachers to watch the top eight teachers play Water War in a tournament-style until only one winer was left. The top eight teachers were: Mr. Sturgess, Mr. Buto, Mr. Mulholland, Mrs. Lindenberger, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Massey, Ms. Helsely and Mr. Warren.

In the end, Mr. Buto and Mr. Mulholland made it to the final round. Mr. Mulholland won the overall tournament and was the awarded the opportunity to soak the remaining seven contestants with a super soaker.

This fundraiser was held in conjunction with a student-made bracelet and lunchtime tributes sale (students remembered those that have cancer, have beat cancer, or have passed away from cancer). Between the three, the school raised about $835.00. Water Wars itself brought in about $545. All of the proceeds are being donated to the Relay for Life event.

General McLane’s Relay For Life begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at General McLane High School and runs to 9 a.m. on Sunday, June 1. Anyone can participate in this event regardless of whether they are part of a team. For more information please contact Diane Ducharme at (814) 476-1405 or diane18david@yahoo.com.