JWPMS students go to UPitt’s Lab of Ecology

Posted on February 18, 2016, in Academics

James W. Parker Middle School teacher Stephen Macfarlane took sixth students to the the brand new micro-biology lab located at the Linesville Ecology Center earlier this month.

The students participated in a trial outreach program on genetics and ecology, where they had a day of learning essential micro pipetting (measuring out very small amounts of macro-molecules), extracting DNA from fruits, running mock DNA in an electrophoresis chamber which identifies segments of DNA and a capture/recapture ecology simulation to estimate populations.

In April, students return to the lab as part of their sixth grade cross-curricular three day trip.  Groups of sixth grade teachers rotate groups of 50 students daily to one of three locations. While at the lab, students will conduct some outdoor ecological research on adaptations of invertebrates and some indoor microscopy of these organisms.