JWPMS Students Make Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Elem.

Posted on January 8, 2013, in Academics, Activities, Events, Lancer Life

Students at James W. Parker Middle School — located in Erie County, PA — were busy over the holiday break making snowflakes for a “Winter Wonderland” at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Before Holiday Break, James W. Parker Middle School staff member and PTA member Tim McFarland organized and coordinated a school-wide program, which was part of a nation-wide fundraiser. Chalk Hill, the new school for the Sandy Hook Elementary School, will be decorated with thousands of paper snow flakes and other decorations made by students all around the country — including James W. Parker Middle School students — in order to lift the spirits of the children as they return to school.

Now, hundreds of paper snowflakes in all different shapes and colors will be shipped to Sandy Hook tomorrow.

“It really shows Parker Pride at its finest,” McFarland said. “The kids are pulling together and doing things for someone else. It was a great success.”

In addition to the snowflakes, seventh grade students Melina Walter and Sarah Molnar wanted to do even more. The two students collaborated on an additional snowflake project to send to Sandy Hook Elementary that involved the entire seventh grade. All seventh graders met during a 40-minute block yesterday  to make three snowflake banners out of their handprints.

According to McFarland, it takes a community to make such a project successful.

Way to go James W. Parker MS Students!

Seventh Graders Melina Walter and Sarah Molnar hold one of three finished banners to be sent to Sandy Hook.

Seventh Graders get ready to start the banner project for Sandy.

Projects like these make GMSD one of the best districts to live in Erie County, PA!

Seventh Graders Melina Walter and Sarah Molnar before beginning the banner project, that they coordinated.