JWPMS Teacher Receives Grant

Posted on December 18, 2012, in Academics, Activities

James W. Parker Middle School science teacher Adam Mattocks received a grant from McDonalds today. The grant is intended to purchase a set of snap circuits for a classroom. These snap circuits are used as an interactive and fun way to investigate electrical circuits.

“McDonalds supports the hands-on experience, which is why he won the grant,” says marketing manager Nicole Hodges. “We really encourage the hands-on experience in the classroom versus the typical,  sit-down experience.”

Since electricity is part of the eighth grade Physical Science curriculum at James W. Parker Middle School, Mattocks says that this grant will help get more students involved in some hands on, practical application of the concepts being taught. The grant will also help to purchase a green energy snap circuit, which demonstrates the use of wind and solar power to generate electricity. Grants for projects like these will help GMSD offer strong academic programs so that they can remain one of the best schools in Erie County, PA.

Congratulations, Adam!