Learning By Design Challenge at JWPMS

Posted on February 17, 2017, in Lancer Life, Performing Arts


James W. Parker Middle School seventh graders celebrated their Makerspace work this week.

Their work was part of a Learning by Design Challenge. This takes places in the middle school art program and challenges students to invent, create and engineer a piece of art from the available recycle materials with minimal guidelines. They can work in groups or individually.

For this specific challenge, students had six 40-minute periods to create an extension of the body or piece of fashion. Students focused on good craftsmanship throughout the lesson and also discussed choosing and trying different tools/methods in a safe way to achieve the desired outcome. These methods included sewing, painting, cutting, drilling, glueing, printmaking, wire cutting/bending, etc.

Some of the materials that were available to students included tyvek(house wrap), cardboard of shape and sizes (fruit trays, egg cartons, flat sheets, packaging corner inserts, many various sizes of tubes), fabric, ribbon, electronic parts, bright/heavy paper, plastic balls, old books, paint sample cards and jewelry findings.

A panel of judges judged their work on creativity, craftsmanship and use of material. Celebratory Sculptures were given out for Best Craftsmanship, Best Theme, Best Use of Material, Most Creative, Most Unique, Best in Show, Most Futuristic and Most Attention to Detail.

Some of the results included: a dress made from Tyvek, a ski helmet made from insulating bubble wrap, a dress made from paint samples, a men’s reversible suit vest covered with metallic art tape, a dragon head made of cardboard with moving mouth, a men’s suit covered with black/gray fringe, metallic tennis shoes, and a silver dress with lace up back.

Learning By Design Lesson fosters 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and communication. There is a Learning By Design group, which is a sub group of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA).  JWPMS teacher Christina Martin is a member of the PAEA.
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