McKean Art Teacher Donates Sign to JWPMS Garden

Posted on May 30, 2013, in Lancer Life

McKean Elementary School Art Teacher Christina Martin created a flower metal sculpture for the Memorial Garden at James W. Parker Middle School.

Mrs. Martin creating the piece using aluminum road signs that had been donated from McKean Township. The signs, which were given to Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), varied in size and color, averaging in size 36×36 inches.

According to Martin, this project was ideal and the inspiration was easy to find.

“I enjoy working in metal fabrication, and I also like to utilize recycled materials when possible,” Martin said. “The inspiration for the sculpture came from the garden, of course. What a lovely space!”

Martin worked with metal fabrication, metal casting and wood construction while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture from Ohio State University.  Although she generates inspiration for her pieces from nature and has worked on several large outdoor pieces over the last couple of years, this was her first garden piece.

“What I really enjoyed about the Memorial Garden project was the idea of making a flower, which in rather fragile, out of a very strong, utilitarian material such as aluminum road signs,” Martin said.

The flower has now been installed after a concrete slab was cured to secure it. PTSA President Lisa Cacchione and PTSA Treasurer Rhonda Sutter helped get the donated signs and put in extensive work with their families weeding and helping to revamp the garden layout, as well.

Thank you Christina for your generous gift to the District!