McKean Elementary to get a fitness & nature trail

Posted on May 26, 2016, in Lancer Life


A new fitness and nature trail will be making its way to McKean Elementary School. Sponsored by the employees of SPX Flow Tech Copes-Vulcan, this trail will run on the perimeter of the school and include activity stations for students and community members.

Activity stations will be focused on a multitude of subjects, including fitness, math, technology, science and history. Classes have planted trees along the trail and students will be responsible for helping in the care and maintenance of their tree.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has donated 360 seedlings through their Seedlings for Schools Program. Five classrooms donated theirs to the trail, including Ms. Wismer, Ms. Sontag, Ms. Debevec, Ms. Marnik, and Ms. Polaski’s classrooms.

“The students are very excited for this project, and I think will really be a nice addition to our school and community,” said McKean Elementary health and physical education teacher Lisa Celeski. “Teachers are already planning interactive lessons in conjunction with the course to make it not only an active lesson but a cross-curricular one. We are so appreciative of all those who are making this possible for General McLane students.”

This project will be done in stages with donations. To donate money or the materials that will be needed for this project (lumber, wood, plexiglass, rope and electrical tubing/conduit), please contact Lisa Celeski at McKean Elementary School.

“There isn’t a better way to get the heart and brain healthy than to have an obstacle course around our property. Plus, it could be something we can enjoy in the summer,” said fourth grader Ethan McCarthy.

Copes-Vulcan, an SPX brand, is a leading supplier of control valves and desuperheaters for the power, process and nuclear industries. SPX employees donated money and are volunteering to help with this project as part of their annual community outreach initiatives.