McKean Elementary’s Autism Awareness Fundraiser Winners

Posted on April 16, 2014, in Activities, Events

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The Collecting Coins for Autism Fundraiser ended at McKean Elementary on Tuesday. At the end of the fundraiser, and in addition to the Jean Day and general donations, the grand total collected was $669.55.

The Winning classes were:
4th: Mrs. Newell: $53.81
3rd: Mrs. Davies: $83.73
2nd: Miss Scardina: $44.34
1st: Miss Waddell: $52.50
K: Mrs. Troyer: $78.24

McKean Elementary concluded the fundraiser with an “Autism Awareness/”Pie the Principal” Assembly Tuesday afternoon.

Classes that raised the most money for each grade level picked a student’s name picked out of hat at the assembly. These students had the opportunity to “pie the principal.” The winners included: Evarie Johnson (4th), Soleil Taylor (3rd), Ryan Dedrick (2nd), Mason Sayers (1st) and Cameron Wright (K).

In addition to the “Pie the Principal”, the school’s AARFS theme of citizenship was incorporated into the assembly. High School students discussed how individuals are all different and it is important to treat all people with respect and to be a good citizen.

Congratulations to McKean Elementary for their awesome work and generosity during Autism Awareness Month!