McKean Recess Laps keeps kids moving

Posted on December 22, 2015, in Activities, Athletics


Since October, McKean Elementary students have been staying active through McKean Elementary’s Recess Laps, an optional program encouraging students to increase their physical activity.

Eighty-seven percent of students at McKean choose to participate in this program, which takes place during recess for students in K-4 and started as part of McKean Elementary’s 2013 grant from the ING Run for Something Better School Awards Program. McKean Elementary teacher Lisa Celeski started the program to give students who could not stay after school the opportunity to be involved in some way and increase their physical activity.

Students can walk or run up to six laps, or one mile, a day (kindergarten is monitored differently). Students keep track of their laps and strive to be part of the 100-Laps Club.

More than 6700 laps were run in 1st through 4th grade, which is approximately 1116 miles, since October. Fourth grade ran 2800 laps, third grade ran 1600, second grade ran 1300 and first grade ran 1000.

First through fourth grade students who ran more than 100 laps, or 16 miles, were rewarded with an activity party on Monday. Kindergarten hosted their party on Tuesday. Prizes, which included balls, jump ropes, t-shirts, water bottles, were also awarded to runners.

100 Lappers from grades first through fourth included: Jacob Corwin (4th), Cooper Robson (4th), Matt Pifer (4th), Colin Bruce (4th), Caden Brumagin (4th); Quinn O’Lone (3rd), Alex Clark (3rd), Kate Sadchikov (3rd), Mathius Sprickman (3rd), Hudson Spires (3rd), Gabby Stanley (3rd), Clayton Thompson (3rd), Jane Howard (3rd), Emma Stafford (3rd), Kaylie Bapst (3rd), Finley Neuburger (2nd), Lilly Gee (2nd) Charlie Salvo (2nd) and Daniel Preston (1st).

Congratulations to all of this year’s participants!

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