McKean students plan event for teachers

Posted on March 19, 2016, in Events, Lancer Life


On Friday, McKean Elementary fourth graders had a surprise in store for their teachers.

For a week, they had secretly been planning an event to say thank you to their teachers – Ms. Wismer, Mr. Hutchison and Mr. Pete. They had planned this celebration, got the OKAY with the principal and then ran the entire show for an entire class period.

So here’s how it went down:

– Principal Mr. Getz called the teachers down to his office at the end of the day.
– While the kids were to continue their math, reading, etc., they all snuck to the gym.
– When the teachers returned, the students called them into the gym and the entire 4th grade greeted them with cheers in the now decorated gym.
– Students Megan Grutkowski, Jordyn Rotunda and Alexis Start organized the group of students and had the teachers sit in special chairs as they explained the events to come. They then organized a gym tag game, soccer, stations, and even teacher gymnastics.
– At the end, the students guided everyone back to a room to enjoy a spread of over 200 cookies with drinks for all.

Ms. Wismer, Mr. Hutchison and Mr. Pete have agreed that this was a moment that made them proud to be teachers!