McKean Students Recognized for Respect

Posted on December 6, 2013, in Academics, Events

McKean Elementary hosted its ARRFS Assembly last week. The assembly, which was hosted by the ARRFS Team (acts of respect, responsibility, fun and safe to be with), reinforced the monthly theme of respect for other students. This program is part of the new anti-bullying program at McKean Elementary School.

Students were asked to write down when they saw another student  doing something respectful or responsible on a leaf, and it was added to the respect and responsibility tree. Here is the list of students that were chosen as the most respectful and responsible.

Peter Jonas – Mrs. Troyer – He helped a friend who fell in the snow.
John Kavolich – Mrs. Rupert – He is a good friend and very helpful.
Kaiden Allison – Ms. Scott – He helped a friend when he got hurt.
Nick Strick – Ms. Waddell – He is very helpful to others.
Isabella johnson – Mrs. Grossett – She is very helpful to her friends and helps classmates with their math papers.
Evarie Johnson – Mrs. Newell – She helped pick up very important papers for science.

The overall winner was¬†George McMillan – a student in Mrs. Troyer’s class. He showed a friend where the office was, helped a friend tie his shoes at gym class and is a very good friend and helper in class.

Be sure to look out for the second video on responsibility.

Great job students!