McKean students run 694 miles during Spring

Posted on June 2, 2016, in Academics, Lancer Life


L-R: Kate Sadchikov,  Magdalen Kennedy. Gabby Stanley, Quinn O’Lone, Emma Stafford

Sara Bergquist, Lilly Gee, Finley Neuburger, James Respecki


McKean Elementary students ran … a lot! Since Easter Break, students in grades k through fourth have ran a total of 4165 laps, which equates to 694 miles.

Leading the pack was a handful of students who ran more than 100 laps (approximately 16 miles) include: Emma Stafford, Gabby Stanley, James Respecki, Kate Sadchikov, Magdalen Kennedy, Sara Bergquist (some on crutches), Jane Howard, Finley Neuburger, and Lilly Gee. Third grader Gabriella Stanley ran the most laps, running a total of 25.5 miles.

Students were running as part of their opportunity to run their “Recess Laps”. This is an optional program at recess for students in K-4 that started as part of McKean Elementary’s 2013 grant from the ING Run for Something Better School Awards Program. Started by McKean Elementary teacher Lisa Celeski, the program was intended for students who could not stay after school, but still wanted to be involved in some way and increase their physical activity.

Students self-regulate their laps and then fill out a slip when they are done.

All of Kindergarten ran two laps every day. First grade ran 181 miles, second grade ran 185 miles, third grade ran 236 miles and fourth grade ran 90 miles.