MS students build Rube Goldberg machines

Posted on September 25, 2015, in Academics, Activities


Fifth graders are putting Newton’s Three Laws, potential and kinetic energy to work. After learning about motion and design, students had to build Rube Goldberg machines showing action and reaction.

Motion and Design is one of the units students do in fifth grade. James W. Parker Middle School Social Studies and Science teacher Todd Sturgess teachers the students about the different forces, the way those forces affect movement and Newton’s Laws. Students then engage in different design challenges meant to test their ability to think fast and on their feet, as well as teach teamwork. One of the design challenges included designing, discussing and building a vehicle in 26 minutes that travels at least 300 cm and stops before 400 cm.

Visit our Facebook Page for a video that best shows the students creating their Rube Goldberg designs.