Elementary Project Reinforces Respect and Responsibility

Posted on November 12, 2013, in Activities, Lancer Life, Organizations

McKean Elementary has released its latest ARRFS project. ARRFS is a mantra for the elementary school students and stands for acts of respect, responsibility, fun and safe to be with. The purpose of this program is to reinforce the concepts of respect and responsibility for students.

This week, McKean Elementary’s ARRFS team debut its video on respect. This is the first video of many that will reinforce the monthly ARRFS themes.

The videos will be put out every two weeks based on the monthly theme. These videos are part of the new anti-bullying program at McKean Elementary School.

To coincide with these themes, there will be an ARRFS Assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 2:30. During the assembly, there will be skits displaying respect and responsibility.

In addition, students are encouraged to write down when they see someone doing something respectful or responsible on a leaf, and it will be added to the respect and responsibility tree. Leaves will be provided to all the classes. The ARRFS Team will share some of the best acts at the assembly, and a prize will be given to a student who performs the most responsible or respectful act.

Be sure to look out for the second video on responsibility.