Students engineer city with K-NEX parts

Posted on October 28, 2015, in Academics


This fall, General McLane High School students were challenged to build an innovative city using K’Nex building sets — and the students successfully rose to the challenge.

Students presented their city, which made entirely from K-Nex pieces, to General McLane High School teacher Mr. Delsandro this week. Among the city’s features included a nuclear power plant, a working windmill, a construction crane, a zoo, homes and a hotel, all of which they built on a grid system.

The project was the culmination of a 9-week math elective class, taught by Mr. Delsandro. The class was broken into three teams, each of which consisted of a team manager, a project manager and a team of engineers.

This class uses a hands-on approach to discovering mathematical concepts. Students work together in teams to brainstorm, design, engineer, test and analyze an entire city made from K-NEX pieces. Through this process, students use their creativity and communication skills to conceptualize a city from start to finish.

The project reiterates the use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in the classroom, a concept that focuses on creativity and exploration in the learning process through project-based learning.