Students study Chinese New Year

Posted on February 13, 2018, in Academics, Activities

Edinboro Elementary second graders in Miss Waddell’s class celebrated the Chinese New Year yesterday, thanks to two special guest presenters.

Jiayi (Flora) Chao and her mother Yi Zhang shared their customs and traditions for the holiday, which takes place February 16.

“The students loved learning about Chinese culture and getting to their know classmate Flora in a deeper way,” said Edinboro Elementary second grade teacher Katie Waddell. “I think learning about different cultures helps students to gain a global perspective on the world, as well as be open to new experiences.”

Flora planned her presentation with Edinboro Elementary ESL teacher Ann Bortnick. Her mother then planned a presentations and a variety of activities for the students. They received the traditionary red envelopes, participated in a reunion dinner, learned their Chinese zodiac symbols, practiced Chinese calligraphy, created their own paper cutting and learned how to play Chopsticks, the hand game.