“Tanks” Comes to Life for Fourth Graders

Posted on May 27, 2015, in Academics, Lancer Life




For McKean Fourth graders, the computer game “Tanks” has come to life.

After seeing the students enjoy playing a computer game called “Tanks”, McKean fourth grade teachers Scott Hutchison and James Pete decided to connect it with their curriculum, making it hands-on and heavily hitting multiple standards.

“It’s been a great way to bring meaning to how different angles actually have different results when used,” said McKean Fourth grade teacher Scott Hutchison. “It also brings in the concept of force and how that variable effects their distance.”

Here’s how they play:
– The launcher has a protractor on the side of it. Each launch, the students have to – record the angle measurement.
– In order to practice using decimals and fractions, each target is worth 2/10 of a point.
– Students record their scores by expressing them as a fraction and a decimal.
– As they earn more points they also have to be adding the fraction and decimals.
– The first player to reach 1 whole point wins.