TEAMS place in local competition

Posted on March 13, 2018, in Academics, Events

9/10 Team

11/12 Team A

Congratulations to the General McLane TEAMS teams, aka JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society). TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics and Science), is a local engineering competition that was held on February 28. The local competition was an 80 question multiple-choice test based on 8 different engineering topics. Points are awarded for each test question that is answered correctly.

The results are finally in and in local scoring Team A took First Place in the 11th / 12th grade large school division and Team B took 5th place. Team B was just 4 points behind 3rd place

Competing against teams of 8 with only 6 team members, the 9th / 10th grade team took First Place!

State and national rankings will be released in the coming months.

Team A – 11th / 12th
Maddison Schutt – Captain
Jacqueline Brown
Zach Gray
Alex Lofgren
Jesse Nathanson
Logan Segal
Brad Yoder
Simon Zehr

Team B – 11th / 12th
Ethan Greenleaf – Captain
Kaley Berger
Spencer Conaway
Cayden Connolly
Luke McEldowny
Nate Price
Aida Shadeck
Vincent Spada

9th / 10th
Andrew Yonko – Captain
Ellie Conaway
Gloria Linebach
Zachariah Lofgren
Calder Martin
Evan Zehr