Tom DiVecchio Visits Edinboro Elementary

Posted on April 28, 2015, in Academics, Events



JET-TV senior meteorologist Tom DiVecchio presented on weather to Edinboro Elementary Second Graders today.

During his presentation, DiVecchio had student volunteers to  demonstrated how radar works. While one student acted as the radar that was searching for the storm, another student acted as the storm moving closer to the radar.

DiVecchio also discussed the difference between detecting rain and detecting snow.

Students also had the opportunity to ask him questions. Some of the questions asked included:

“What is the most severe type of weather?”
“How does lightning occur?”
“What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado?”
“How do the different tools detect weather?”
“How fast does the wind blow in a tornado?”
“Why do we hear thunder?”

DiVecchio has more than 28 years weather forecasting experience in the Erie and eastern Great Lakes region.