Voting Polls Come to JWPMS Students

Posted on November 6, 2012, in Academics, Activities, Lancer Life

James W. Parker Middle School is bringing the 2012 election to its students. The 7th grade Social Studies classes will be running an election polling station in the Auxiliary Gym throughout the day today, giving middle school students hands on experience to the U.S. political system.  The seventh graders have been researching the candidates and the issues and have created posters and brochures to inform student voters on all kinds of topics.

A number of voting booths (iPads) are available to help students quickly get through the line and all students will receive “I voted today” stickers as well.  Students are asked to select their choice for President and Vice President and then select which issue they thought was the most important for the 2012 election. Posters and brochures are available to help students make an informed decisions.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had two more votes over President Obama and Joe Biden halfway through the first block this morning. However, the school’s final nomination will be announced at the end of the day.

Seventh graders point to their stickers and show excitement after placing their vote for the next President/Vice President of the United States.


Happy Election Day!